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Therapeutic garden design focuses on increasing sensory stimulation by providing assisted living or dementia residents access to the outdoor spaces on a daily basis within a safe environment for exercise, reflection and passing time with other residents, friends or family members. They also have structured spaces that reduce disorientation.

To stimulate the senses, therapeutic gardens typically include a variety of plants to promote visual, olfactory, and tactile stimulation and to attract birds, bees and butterflies. Trees may provide shade, colour, seasonal variation, and sound when the leaves rustle in the wind.

Walking paths promote movement, encourage contact with plants and lead the residents to protected areas for sitting and socializing. Our paths are figure 8 - continuous with no dead ends to encourage cardiovascular exercise.

Most of our vegetables and herbs are planted to expand visual and tactile experiences and help with improved eating. Our beds are also raised planters where our residents can use their hands or simple safe tools for digging and other activities with supervision.

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