About Us

Our Mision

Resthill Memory Care will improve the human habitat for our memory-impaired residents, their families, our employees and our community.

Ensuring earth and people care that makes sense, reassures and gives meaning and purpose within the ethical and legal context.

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Memory Care

With us, it’s a warm and comfortable home with the smell of home-cooked meals wafting from the kitchen. Experiences are cosy and cheerful, with friendly supportive caregivers in our spacious homely pet-friendly environment, staff on their unique rhythm and psychiatric expertise of a passionate place such as Resthill Memory Care.

Recently much worldwide focus has been on Dementia related illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease and other types of memory impairment. This is wonderful as statistical collaboration, accurate diagnosis and researched memory care is benchmarked to ensure that Dementia sufferers have enhanced quality of life. This unfortunately also means that globally dementia sufferers are diagnosed younger. We too are seeing younger residents. For this reason, we have expanded our elderly care focus to be all-encompassing specialised memory care.

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Our People

Resthill Memory Care is a registered Company with two directors.

Esmarie Venier is a registered psychiatric nurse. She fulfils the role of Nursing Services Manager. Alet Snyman fulfils the role of Catering, Housekeeping and affiliated services.

Our component of care workers all have completed basic care worker courses as well as intensive in-service training with regards Dementia care at Resthill Memory Care.

Our support staff fulfil remarkable roles in that they are also trained in Dementia care.

Our Culture

A wise small business encourages and values networking and alliances. Alone we cannot deliver on our mission. Resthill Memory Care is a member of our colleagues associations and various elderly care [gerontology] bodies in South Africa.

Our Founders

Esmarie Venier

Nursing Services Manager

I am Esmarie Venier, the founder and CEO of Resthill Memory Care.  My responsibilities are also that of Nursing Services Director which entails working with the nursing manager, the care staff, doing care planning and anything nursing related.

As the CEO part of my duties entail and mostly pertain to management, planning, teamwork functions, financials, legislation, regulations, and many more that is a need in the daily running of Resthill Memory Care facility.

My career has ensured that I have the necessary skills to ensure that there is always forward motion at Resthill Memory Care.  After I matriculated at CBC Bloemfontein, I enlisted at the George SADF Women’s College.  After completion of my one-year service period, I studied at the Nursing College of the Orange Free State where I completed my Nursing Diploma in General, Midwifery, Community and Psychiatric nursing.

I started working at a private psychiatric clinic in Pretoria in 1988 as a psychiatric nurse.  During a period of 25 years at Vista Clinic, I have worked as a psychiatric nurse, an adolescent specialist nurse and initiated the marketing department where I was the marketing officer.

During my time at Vista Clinic, I was also worked within clinical trials for international pharmaceutical companies where we concluded clinical trials specifically for psychiatric medication in patients.

During this period, I started a company called CQ callquick which specialised in patient recruitment for the South African market for international clinical trials.

Resthill Memory Care is not work, or just a job.  I so often say that I have not worked a day in my life since starting Resthill Memory Care, 10 years ago. It is about living my passion, creating a human habitat for our residence, applying permaculture principles, and exploring the circular economy.

I strongly believe in a philosophy called MAKTUB, meaning that your life has been written and that you should not try to swim upstream all the time.  I am grateful every day for the opportunities and blessings.

Alet Snyman

Catering, Housekeeping

and Affiliated Services

I am Alet Snyman, a Director of Resthill Memory Care.  My responsibilities are the nutrition of the residents of Resthill Memory Care, the wellbeing of the Employees and housekeeping.  This entails working with the cook and kitchen staff to provide the best menus for our residents, purchasing groceries, cleaning material and maintenance requirements.  I work with the garden employees to ensure fresh produce from our own gardens every day and work closely with the cleaning and maintenance employees to ensure a clean, healthy and well-maintained environment for our residents.

I matriculated in 1978 at High School Belville and went to Stellenbosch University.  In 1983 I graduated with a BA Degree in Physical Education.  I did a year of Higher Education and received my diploma.

In 1984 I went to Namibia, Oshakati to teach at Ongwedewa for a year.  From there I went on to Kimberly teaching at a Secondary School.  After two years I move down to Cape Town.

I studied an Entrepreneurial course at the Business School of Stellenbosch and started my career as an Estate Agent with Seeff where I was an Estate Agent for the next 8 years. I made a career change and started working for attorneys as a Marketer for the next 7 years.

I decided to move to Johannesburg where I ran a Coffee Shop for a year at Hatch Engineering.  I started working at Kido Clothing as their Regional Manager Gauteng.

All the above experiences provide me with the necessary skills to become a Director at Resthill Memory Care in 2012.

Part of my portfolio was that of Food and Beverage Manager and overall Caretaker.  I took charge and care of the support staff i.e., cleaners, laundry etc, I also managed and oversee the gardens, the house upkeep and maintenance.

My training as a teacher provided me with the necessary skills to assist our employees, guide and educate them wherever necessary.

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