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The Good


All the Caregivers at Resthill Memory Care are properly trained and receive regular in-service training.

Specialised Services

Resthill Memory Care is not an old age care facility or a frail care facility. We are a residential facility…


Resthill Memory Care provides safety to their residence with a sturdy electrified fence with…

Our residents have access to a dedicated medical practitioner, available 24/7. Resthill is fortunate to have two qualified Registered Nurses residing on the premises, thus giving our residents 24hrs per day access to the best care. Our support staff receive in-service training with our caregivers to keep them informed and on their toes when working with our residents. Even our gardeners and handymen are informed and trained in Memory Care

that provides exclusive care for people living with Dementia and other memory loss disorders. We are very specifically orientated to cater for all forms of memory loss. Our residents are kept physically and spiritually fit with a variety of activities designed for their required needs.

safety gates and an alarm system connected to 24hr armed response. The terrain is also laid out to guarantee our residents’ safety. All buildings are wheelchair accessible. Our residents can wander wide and far without ever being lost.

The True


The training received by the staff at Resthill Memory Care enhances the rights of our residents to…

Owners of Resthill

The owners of Resthill Memory Care are also the founders and the directors of the company.

Respect Families

At Resthill Memory Care, we believe that regular and clear communication to the families of…

be treated with respect and dignity, especially at feeding, bathing and dressing time. Each resident receives individual care according to their needs. We have a visiting hairdresser to keep our residents well-groomed and manicures and pedicures are done regularly. They get smartly dressed every day and our in-house laundry provides them with clean clothes and bedding daily.

They are completely and heartily invested in Resthill and over the past ten years of existence of Resthill, became experts in everything concerning Memory Care. They are taking time to attend courses and lectures regarding new findings in Memory Care and stay updated with the latest news and developments in the field

our residents forms an essential part of our daily routine. This keeps the families informed about their loved ones and gives peace of mind that their loved one is well taken care of. We use various methods of communication with the families and endeavour to keep open channels for communication at all times.

The Beautiful


A person living with Dementia needs space to walk, to socialise and to just be in the moment.


Resthill Memory Care has a variety of farm animals for residents to feed and interact with or just…


Celebrations at Resthill Memory Care are big. We find any excuse to celebrate. Birthdays, in…

At Resthill Memory Care we provide paved pathways and an intricate labyrinth for them to walk for exercise or just for fun, There are beautiful gardens with a supply of fresh vegetables to form part of the three wholesome meals received daily by our residents and prepared by our specialised cooks. Our residents are encouraged to get their hands in the soil and assist with the growth of the vegetables. We provide a homely atmosphere in our houses for our residents to call home.

to sit down and look at how the ducks play in the water and the geese forage the lawns. Residents are allowed to bring their own small pets with them and our staff look after these pets as well as they look after our residents. Grooming of the animals takes place regularly.

collaboration with the families, are a huge event with beautifully laid tables, flowers from our gardens, plates and serviettes in the favourite colour of the birthday resident with eats to satisfy any pallet. We make them feel like celebrities. Holidays like Christmas or Easter is always a great opportunity to celebrate with extravagance and the homes are dressed for the occasion. In the summertime, we have braais outside at our boma and the residents also enjoy garden picnics on the lawn.

Inclusive and Additionals

Resthill Memory Care is managed and co-owned by a registered psychiatric nurse who lives on the property.

All-inclusive in monthly tariff:
  • Three nutritional meals, as well as snacks, served in the dining rooms overseen by our in house chefs with veggies and herbs from our own gardens
  • Medication monitoring, ordering and supervised administration
  • Basic manicure and pedicure and a visiting hairdresser – (basic cutting and teasing) every six weeks
  • All laundry requirements are onsite
  • Purpose filled activities and a much enjoyed walking regime
Additional to the monthly tariff
  • Toilet box
  • Medication
  • Adult continence requirements
  • Mobility items and other personal requirements are additional
  • If needed referrals to medical practitioners, wound care specialists, pastoral counsellors and psychologists can be arranged but are for your own account.
Additional for our residents:
  • Medically related procedures such as basic wound care and bedsore intervention
  • Diabetes care including the administration of insulin
  • End-of-life care within appropriate use of care directives

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