Welcome to Resthill Memory Care

Dementia is an umbrella term covering more than 100 different forms of neurodegeneration.

Each type of dementia will affect different parts of the brain in a different order and possibly in a different way. Knowing which dementia a person is living with can help care staff recognize how best to support someone.


We are a residential home, focusing on specialised care for residents with memory-impacting conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

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Memory Care with a Difference

Our homes are designed to provide a safe, yet homely structured environment. Specialised caregiving by a well-trained team to deal with unique behaviour and anxiety is core to creating personalised routines that lower anxiety and reduce confusion. That is why we are a pet-friendly facility.


It’s Not Always What You Think. Memory lapse is natural, and typically expected with ageing. However, it is important to know when these pockets of forgetfulness or dementia go beyond the realm of normal ageing.

Welcome to Resthill Memory Care

Residential Facilities

Robusta Home

Our Robusta Home focuses on residents who require substantial personalised care. This home is for a maximum of 14 residents with severe/late-stage Dementia related illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease or other types of memory impairment such as age-related cognitive decline.

Burkei Home

Our Burkei Home focuses on residents who aren’t frail or in a moderate stage of decline, but require supportive care with regards to medication and grooming. Accommodating 13 residents with Dementia-related illnesses including Alzheimer’s or other types of memory impairment such as age-related cognitive decline.

Karoo Home

We expanded and are now providing palliative care in our new house. Our palliative care involves the specialised medical care of individuals living with dementia. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for both the resident and the family.

We have a specially trained team who works together with our doctor to provide that extra layer of support.

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